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Microsoft to fix Outlook bug that prevents viewing or creating email

ByAdam Snider

May 12, 2021
Outlook Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used business email solutions available. However, as many users are aware, this solution is not without its drawbacks. Outlook Express can be slow to load and suffers from a lack of features when compared to other email solutions. Because of these issues, IT professionals recommend using third party applications to integrate Outlook with company networks.

A third party Outlook support service can be an ideal solution.

When choosing an IT support service, there are a number of factors to consider. Some of these factors pertain to the size of the company network, licensing practices of the IT support company and whether or not the IT support company specializes in Microsoft Outlook. By assessing each of these areas, you can better determine which company would provide the best and most appropriate IT support for your company.

The size of a company network is determined by how many computers are currently on the network. Large companies typically have several departments that use Outlook. Regardless of the size of a network, a large Outlook installation requires a high quality IT service provider who can manage and maintain this software without too much trouble. If your organization has a large number of computers, choose an Outlook service provider who can setup and maintain your Outlook on the network.

While the cost of Microsoft Outlook may deter you from installing and utilizing this software, it is important to keep in mind that there may be perks to using third-party providers. For instance, third-party vendors can often provide more features and functionality than the Microsoft versions of the programs. In addition, a third-party service provider can customize Windows based components to meet your organization’s specific needs. This may include adding additional email accounts, customizing the desktop wallpaper and desktop icons and setting up a unique workgroup name for employees.

While you can pay for Microsoft Outlook support online,

it is possible to receive IT support through third-party vendors outside of Microsoft. Many organizations purchase Microsoft licensed software and then turn to a third-party support service to customize the software to meet their individual needs. These third-party vendors usually have their own software development teams that help with each phase of the planning and development of your Outlook software. By using a third-party support service, your software is supported throughout its life cycle. However, there are drawbacks to this method as some support services may have different support policies than Microsoft.

With a third-party support service, your business can face the risk of lost data if a support service provider goes out of business or has other responsibilities. You will lose access to the help desk assistance that can help you resolve issues and increase the speed of response time. Furthermore, many organizations prefer to hire staff to represent them in online chat sessions, which can reduce employee productivity. With a dedicated customer service line, your employees can make requests for help desk tickets and receive answers more quickly. Your outlook application will load faster when the help desk ticket system is properly established and utilized. Additionally, the lack of dedicated staff and IT can reduce your IT costs.

When purchasing software from a third-party vendor, you will want to choose a provider that supports your Microsoft Outlook application from start to finish. This is true whether your business uses Microsoft Dynamics GP or Visual Basic for applications. Third-party vendors typically offer training and guidance to new customers on how best to utilize the features and control points of Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office programs.

  • If your organization adopts a hosted help desk system, you can reduce costs by eliminating additional personnel and reducing IT costs.
  • The benefits of a remote help desk support service include trained call handlers who are available at your fingertips to provide help in a variety of ways, including telephonic and online support.
  • A hosted support service is an affordable option for your organization that provides high levels of service without the high costs of onsite staffing.
  • Your e-mail system, calendar, contact management, and task lists are maintained centrally, reducing maintenance costs.